Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guess what we are having...

We are SO EXCITED for our little Princess! Aidan and Kadyn are so excited for their little sister. Daddy and Mommy couldn't be happier! We all can't wait! We have your name picked out...that will come in the next post with pictures. We just couldn't wait to let everyone know.

We love you so much baby girl, our little Princess!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


WOW! So many things have happened since the last post.

August 23rd:

We had our 2nd doctor appointment were we tried to hear your heart beat. Well since we weren't able to hear it we had an ultrasound. Which everything was fine and it was fun to see how much you've grown since the last time we saw you. It was so fun to see you move and see your strong heart beat.
Mommy has felt you move SO much! You wiggle and move in the morning time. It's so fun to feel you, I love it!

Septmeber 8th:

Mommy started to bleed which gave us all a panic. I called the doctor office the next morning and they were able to get us in for an ultrasound that night. I was so nervous. Once we were able to see your heart beat and see you moving around like crazy mommy had a peace come over her. I knew things would be okay. The ultrasound went great. There was no sign of any bleeding.
I can't believe how much you've changed since our last ultrasound. Your getting so big!

It was fun to see little hands, feet, legs, arms, and your head. It was the best! We tried several times to see your profile but you just wouldn't let that happen. Your hand was always up by your eyes, just like how your brother Kadyn was. Being a little shy...

We tried several times to see your profile but you just wouldn't let that happen. At least we were able to see your little body. SO CUTE!

We left the hospital knowing things would be okay.
A couple of days later Mommy started to bleed again! Not cool! And I was really worried. I had your uncles come give me a blessing. Once again I knew things would be okay, but that Mommy needed to rest and take it easy. I had no choice. Which is hard to do with your busy body brothers. We watched movies, they ate what they wanted, and we laughed a lot while I was laying down.
Mommy is starting to feel better, meaning I don't have to take my Zofran everyday. Once I even went 3 days without taking any.
We find out in a week if you are a girl or boy. We can't wait!!! We are SO excited for you and love you so much already.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First picture of our baby...

This is a close up of our little bebe. Mommy is 8 weeks and 4 days in this picture. We are so excited!!! Kadyn just wants his bebe to come now! He doesn't understand it all. Mommy just tells him that the bebe isn't done cookin' yet.

Mommy is feeling SO much better now that she has medicine to take. It's been a life saver and has made her so happpy. Mommy now has enough energy to work out and honestly Mommy just feels like a new person. The medicine the doctor gave mommy makes her sleepy but good thing your brothers love naps still. :) Life is good and we just can't wait for you. We are so excited!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A little update...

Daddy and Mommy decide to go on a cruise to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Well you decide to make sure I knew you were still there! I was sick a good 90% of the time. Good thing daddy was so patient and understanding. We still had a blast and enjoyed our time with just each other. The food was good..other than it smelled nasty most of the time..I still ate. I tried not to let everyone know I was sick, but sometimes I just couldn't hide it.
Your growing and getting bigger and bigger everyday which makes me so happy. But you've decided to show a little..which has mommy worrying. Everyone is telling mommy it's normal and not to worry at all. I hope they are right. I'm sick all the time, but have tried a few tricks that seem to help. Sour candy, crackers and Ginger Ale are now mommy's new favorite treats! I have them by the bed, in my purse, in the car, daddy even packed them to church on Sunday for me.
Your brothers are so concerned and worried about you and me. It's so cute. Aidan is always telling me, Hey Nat Nat I bet the baby would like this food, you should try it. Or oh Nat Nat is the baby makin you sick.
Kadyn is always touching mommy's belly asking when you are going to come out. He can tell when I'm not feeling good and just sits by me.
The boys are so excited for you! You will have the best big brothers ever!
We can't wait to see you this week at the doctors appointment. We love you so much already!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The day we found out...

July 3rd was a busy day for our family. Bryan was working at an event all day and it was just me and the kiddo's. I decided I was going to take the boys to see Toy story 3 and to lunch. Once Bryan was off we would go golfing and then head over to my parents for a BBQ and fireworks at Riverton Days. Earlier that week I had taken 4 pregnancy test and all of them came back negative..I had one more left and thought, What the heck I have one more left why not. So I took the test and to my surprise it was POSITIVE!!! I called Bryan and told him the news, he was shocked! We couldn't believe that it was finally positive...we've wanted this for awhile. A couple of months earlier we had a miscarriage and it was really hard. So this was the best news ever!
We wanted to keep it a secret until we had been to our doctors. Well I've been really sick. So sick that I guess I didn't hide it very well. A week after we had found out that we're having a baby we went to St. George for the weekend. Bryan was working down there, the boys were gone, so I went with him. My parents just happened to be down there for the weekend too. We were at dinner with them one night when my mom said, Okay I know Natalie well enough to know she pregnant. So we told my parents that night. They were SO excited! This will make 17 grandbabies for them. We came home that weekend and told our boys the good news! They were so excited! The boys told our families that we are having a baby, "Guess what, we're having a baby!" It was so dang cute! To see their faces as they were telling everyone was the best! They were SO excited and couldn't wait to tell everyone, I mean everyone. People at the store, while Aidan had a hair cut, people at the gas station, Kadyn was telling everyone at his 4 year old check-up, and on and on! We are SO excited for our little one.
Aidan really wants and baby sister and Kadyn really wants a baby brother. Well at least we will make one of then happy.
We are thrilled and can't wait for our baby brother or sister!